A bespoke, practical plan for your loved ones, which will help them manage things during the first few weeks after you depart.

What Makes TombTalk Unique?

Talking about funerals might not be the most cheerful topic, but guess what? We do it every day and we love it! People have different ideas; some traditional and some quite unusual. Our friendly team is very experienced, and we take away the anxiety from the task. We know that planning ahead is actually a big relief!

If you have a Will and/or Funeral Plan, they might already include some information, but they rarely cover everything. Your plan will fill in the gaps with the information that will be needed to organise your assets and possessions as well as your ceremony (should you require one). The plan is straightforward, clear, adaptable and all about you.

It is designed to give your loved ones clarity over your wishes, reduce the distress of searching through your personal things to find documents you may or may not have, and it will save them time and money.

Putting things together is easy in theory, but really difficult in practice. Looking at your life more closely, you’ll see how complicated it is. How do you decide what to include and what to leave out? If you choose this, who will you upset?

So if you think you can do it yourself that’s great, but we are here to help!

It’s All About You

Losing someone dear is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences life throws our way. Grief envelops us like a heavy fog, leaving us feeling empty and overwhelmed. Arranging a funeral might seem like an insurmountable task, and no matter how well prepared we are, we all underestimate the impact. Having information to hand makes the task more manageable.

Your life should be celebrated. You are wonderful, caring, sensitive, intelligent, bright, happy, proud, lovely, loved, adored, vibrant, quirky…. This is your time to make sure everyone remembers!

Want your favourite song played on a kazoo? Done! Fancy a colourful theme instead of traditional black? No problem! … but you need to make sure people know so they can do this for you.


At TombTalk, we embrace diversity in all its forms. We respect and celebrate the various cultural and religious traditions that shape our world, ensuring that every funeral is a genuine reflection of the individual being laid to rest. Our commitment to inclusivity means that we embrace people of all backgrounds, holding space for each family’s unique wishes and beliefs.

The TombTalk team are excellent listeners and are trained to guide you through the process, with you making the decisions.


We arrange face to face appointments wherever we can (depending on distance from Coventry). We can home visit or meet in a comfortable place e.g. a café.

If you live out of our area, we offer you a virtual appointment, so you can discuss your plans with our friendly team from wherever you are.

To arrange an appointment, please contact us.

Sip your coffee, sit back and let’s have a chat!

About TombTalk

TombTalk was founded by Debbie Lynne.

Her brother John passed away from a terminal illness a few years ago. John was worried about how Debbie would cope following his death (she was already caring for Mum who was becoming frail), and he came up with the idea of leaving clear instructions for her so all she needed to do was work through it. No difficult decisions, no “I wish I could ask him”, everything very straightforward and organised.

Debbie’s Mum was always frustrated that her children wouldn’t talk to her about her wishes, but they found it too painful an idea to bear. As things seemed to work smoothly with John, Debbie’s mother gave similar instructions for when her time came.

Having gone through the experience, helped friends and relatives go through bereavements, lots of research and considerable thought, TombTalk was founded with the aim of helping others.


Who are your customers?

Our customers say things like:

“I’d like to talk to my children/family/partner about my funeral, but they don’t want to listen.” Or “I have no idea what kind of music my husband/wife wants at their funeral as they just won’t talk about it.”

You may not be able to have the conversation with them, but you can have it with us, and when you’ve got your plan, just let them know where it is. If they don’t want to talk they don’t have to – pressure off, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve sorted things out for them.

Do I need another plan, because it’s all in my will?

A lot of wills aren’t read until after the funeral has taken place, so your instructions may be missed.

And are your wishes detailed enough? For example: If you’ve specified a burial, which cemetery? Have you bought a plot? If so, where is it and what’s the plot number?  This is all information your loved ones will have to supply within a short period of time. Our plan covers everything we can think of that your family will need, and you can add anything you like to it or change it at any time.

Remember, when you’ve moved on, they won’t be able to ask you.

Why would I tell you about my private things? Is my information safe with you?

We want you to be completely comfortable with the process and confident about security. This is why we have designed a product that provides you with full control over your information.

Our conversation with you is confidential; what we talk about remains strictly between us. We never ask for your financial information, passwords or pin numbers.

You will receive all notes we make during our planning session, and you can dispose of these at your leisure. We don’t store copies of your plan so, keeping your file in a safe place will be very important as there won’t be a copy.

The only information we retain is what we need for our administrative purposes. We never share information with 3rd parties unless required to by law.

Do you sell funeral plans?

We don’t sell funeral plans or wills.

How long does it take?

Every plan is different. We ask a number of questions and make notes (usually around an hour’s chat), then we put your plan together and return it to you for your approval. We aim for this to be completed within a maximum of 5 working days, but if for any reason this isn’t going to be possible, we will advise you as soon as possible.

If you have a terminal illness, we prioritise your plan and aim to return it within 24 hours.

Celebrancy Services

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I create unique ceremonies, respecting diverse beliefs and traditions while honouring the individuality of the person who has passed away.

My expertise lies in gathering information about the requirements for the funeral and delivering a bespoke tribute made up of memories and anecdotes.

I am a comforting presence and I work with funeral directors to make sure the needs of the bereaved are prioritised in providing a respectful and dignified farewell.


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